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Innovative and creative professionals.


Thoroughly crafted solutions for your business.


Business intelligence and marketing modules in the box.

Global IT

IT is global. So are our solutions.

Our Strategy

Strong belief in automation and state-of-art technologies. What can be automated must be automated.

About Us

RushInCloud aims on developing cloud-based solutions for particular industries to raise their efficiency. At the moment we are working on our first big solution, stay tuned.

Automation is the key

At RushInCloud we strongly believe that automation is the key for successful operation of all kinds of businesses. Being freelancer or a small business, it is important to organize your work so that as less as possible time is spent on routine operations and as much as possible on things that really matter and bring added value to the business.

Cloud - anytime, anywhere

We also believe that in today's global fast-moving world timely operations are crucial - that is why we bet on cloud-based solutions. Accessible anywhere with internet connection, anytime, from any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch. Today business decisions are made in the cloud.

Mobile Applications

Cloud goes hand by hand with mobile apps. User friendly cloud-based solutions are accessible via a web-browser from any device, but tailor-made applications for tablets, smartphones and smartwatches are way more efficient. Our cloud-based solutions will be complemented by mobile applications for the most popular platforms. Make business decisions from your pocket or even wrist.

Our Projects

Yes, we are working on something very exciting, and looking forward to sharing it with you.


Small team, big impact.

Marina Tikhonova

Marina Tikhonova


Experienced management professional, runs daily operations.

Dmitry Borodin

Dmitry Borodin

Product Manager

Passionate about web and automation, eager to help businesses cut costs and raise profit via cloud-based solutions.

Regina Rimkute

Regina Rimkute


Swims in front-end better than in the swimming pool.

Alex Pasichnik

Alex Pasichnik

Back-end Guru

Solution architecture, clean code, usability - to name just a few.

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